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Drink menu

Make your drink how you like it. Choose your size, or get it hot. Adjust how much sugar and ice you want, and add any toppings you'd like for just fifty cents.
If it's not up to your standards, we'll make it again for free.
**We proudly use soy creamer in our products to promote a healthier lifestyle.**

About our toppings

Our toppings are a core part of our drinks. From classic bubbles to colorful rainbow jelly, toppings are what truly set bubble tea apart.
Get three toppings in your drink and we'll upgrade you to a large for free.
Not sure which toppings you want? Feel free to ask us for a sample!

Bubbles/Boba/Tapioca • Red Bean • Pudding • Grass Jelly • Crystal Boba
Jellies: Lychee • Mango • Strawberry • Aloe • Rainbow
Popping boba: Mango • Strawberry • Lychee • Passion Fruit • Peach

Milk Tea

Taste the smooth blend of soy milk and tea in our most popular drink. Get a classic favorite like premium or jasmine green, or try something new, like our tiger milk tea, a mix of premium and thai.

Premium • Jasmine Green • Taro • Thai • Tiger • Matcha • Mango • Strawberry • Lychee • Blueberry • Green Apple • Hazelnut • Okinawa Brown Sugar • Nutella • Chocolate • Coffee • Rose • Passion Fruit • Red Bean • Coconut • Honey Dew • Papaya • Peach • Blueberry • Almond • Panda • Oolong • Earl Grey • Peppermint
Hot only: Ginger • Caramel • Longan

Flavored Tea

Relax with one of our refreshing flavored fruit teas. Choose a flavor and a base of black or green tea.

Black • Green • Oolong • Earl Grey • Mango • Strawberry • Lychee • Passion Fruit • Wintermelon • Peach • Green Apple • Honey Dew • Papaya • Pomegranate • Raspberry • Kiwi • Honey Lemon
Hot only: Ginger

Rose Tea

A subset of our flavored teas, our rose teas have a floral scent and lighter body than the rest of our drinks. Get the original, or add another flavor to give your drink a fruity spin.

Classic • Mango • Strawberry • Lychee • Passion Fruit • Honey Dew • Peach • Kiwi • Honey

Snow Smoothie

A blend of ice, creamer and flavor make this drink a refreshing new take on the milkshake.
Try our avocado and banana berry snow smoothies - made with real fruit!

Taro • Green Tea • Mango • Strawberry • Lychee • Chocolate • Passion Fruit • Kiwi • Coconut • Honey Dew • Green Apple • Mocha • Papaya • Peach • Watermelon • Blueberry • Almond • Oreo • Avocado • Banana Berry


Cool down with the fruity taste of a slush. Get it with popping boba to give it an extra *pop* of flavor!

Mango • Strawberry • Lychee • Passion Fruit • Watermelon • Green Apple • Coffee • Orange • Honey Dew • Peach • Red Bean • Blueberry • Raspberry • Pineapple • Rose • Peppermint • Kiwi • Pomegranate


A favorite in Asian countries, crema's defining feature is a layer of sweet, creamy foam on top of a tea of your choice. For your enjoyment, we don't seal this drink, instead putting on a lid which you can remove to eat the crema directly.

Black • Green • Oolong • Earl Grey

Fruity Delight

This layered drink comes with lemon flavored natural jelly, a layer of slush, and a layer of jelly on top.

Mango • Strawberry • Watermelon Aloe• Mango-Coconut • Magic Grass Jelly

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